Exterior Federal House

Outdoor seating at the Federal House is the perfect spot to soak up the sun and lively Annapolis atmosphere.

7. The Water

About a third of Annapolis residents own some water vehicle, be it a sailboat or motorboat, yacht or paddleboard if it’s nice out you are on the water. Which makes our location, across from the well-known Ego Alley, a prime destination for the seaworthy among you. Our menu also gives you the best taste of what our waters have to offer.

6. The Crabs

Federal House serves up one of the best cream of crab soups all year round. Their top secret recipe took 1st place in the Capital’s 2015 Crab Soup Cook-Off competition. Anyone in Maryland knows there are just a few crab-recipes you can’t mess up on – soup, dips and cakes. Fed House knows this and knows how to represent.

5. The Bar

People from out of town typically don’t realize how active nightlife is in Downtown Annapolis. The Annapolitan locals do, and The Federal House is no exception. We have live music every night and one of the largest dance floors on the block. Fed House is a destination for letting loose and slipping on your dancing shoes.

4. The Community

It’s hard to stereotype an Annapolitan. We are a mixture of people that have a strong love for our city. Our appreciation for the military runs deep, except if Army is playing Navy, then our love for Navy is a bit stronger. We are rooted in history and offer many of the things that give this place its character. At Federal House, we know what it means to be Annapolitan, and it shows.

3. The Beer

We take our beer seriously here in Annapolis. As the saying goes, we are a drinking town with a sailing problem. Here at the Federal House, we go one step further, which is why we offer 25 beers on draught with six regularly rotating with unique and ultra-rare brews you won’t find anywhere else. Something else you won’t find anywhere else? A rotating cask selection.

2. The Dogs

Annapolis is one place that it is assumed that retail and restaurants are dog-friendly. It is quickly noticeable when walking downtown that Annapolitians bring their dogs with them everywhere. We get it. Federal House loves when our patrons bring their furry friends, so much so we have a Doggie Menu. So bring your pal and try a Bow Bow Burger or Peanut Butter Filled Turnover Treat. We guarantee the next time you’re out he’ll be the one walking you! Straight to Fed House that is.

1. Well, You.

Whether you’re just visiting Annapolis, or you’re a long-time resident, Annapolis and Federal House wouldn’t be what they are if it wasn’t for you. Every time you are downtown, you feel like you are a part of this city and the beautiful traditions we have to offer. Here at the Fed House, we work to make every patron’s experience the best it can be. Come visit and see for yourself!