Doggie Menu

Yappy Carrots – $3 Bones

One cup of crunchy raw & uncooked carrots. Low in calories and high in fiber & vitamins. Excellent way to clean teeth.

Mega Mutt Scramble Eggs – $3 Bones

Two scrambled eggs. Eggcellent source of protein, essential fatty acids, and amino acids.

Doggone Sweet Potato Fries – $3 Bones

Sweet Potato Fries. Great for you pups digestive health and high in dietary fiber.

Bow Wow Burger – $5 Bones

Four-ounce Ground Beef Patty Grilled Medium Well. Excellent source of protein and many important vitamins & minerals.

Canine Chicken – $5 Bones

Five-ounce Boneless Grilled Chicken Breast. Omega 6 fatty acids for skin & coat and essential amino acids & glucosamine for healthy bones.

Not for human consumption, please.